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Removing Spam Topics and Replies

  • illuminstr


    Our WP site got hacked and over 26k topics and replies were created by the hackers. The site is now back under our control (we hope) and none of the hacked topics/replies shows up anymore. However, the site still shows a total of over 26k topics – only a small handful of which are ours.
    How can I delete these topics? They do not show up when I try to examine the topics using the Topics tool. Visitors do not see them either. Yet, judging by the size of my backup, they are there. Deleting them would be nice – they take up space. Plus they are “always there” – which causes me to lose sleep at night.
    I am thinking that creating an export file of my valid forum topics and replies is the right way to go, then uninstall and reinstall the plugin. But would be nice to have validation.
    Thanks for the help.

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  • Robin W


    sorry but export will just copy. tools>reset forums will delete EVERYTHING, so that is not a good idea either.

    I think you will need to hire a db person to look at your DB and write a small programme to delete what is left.

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