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Removing Forum Page From WP Website

  • BigBillT57


    I wish to remove the forum portion of my website. I created the forum using BBPress. How do I remove the forum without creating a mess? I do not want to remove my blog posts or any other content. The blog post show up as forum content as well as blog posts.

    I manually removed the forum page, the links to the forum in the headers, and links to the forum in the menus. But then my website would not display. I did not disable or remove the bbPress plugin. I received an error message from GoDaddy that my site had technical difficulties and was not available. I restored my website from a GoDaddy backup and all was well, but I still had the forum.

    Thank you.

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  • Robin W


    enable bbpress


    dashboard>tools>forums>reset forums

    Then decativate and delete bbpress and any dependent plugind

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