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Remove /topic from url

  • mohammadms


    Hi guys!
    I use bbPress and it’s great plugin!
    I have built one website-forum using bbPress. I haven’t any post in it and all my website has Topics and replies. I don’t need forums and topic prefix in url.
    I remove forums from settings but can’t remove /topic from url. I searched google but I can’t find any solutions.
    Example I want to replace to

    I found in settings that can replace the /topic to other words but can’t remove it at all.

    Please help guys…

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  • Milan Petrovic


    That is very hard to do because the rule would conflict with default WordPress rules. It is possible, but there is no plugin that can do something like that as far as I know. For my purpose (not forum related, but similar), I had to create custom rules and override and intercept default rules to make it work. And, it can highly depend on other rewrite rules added by other plugins. I never managed to find universal solution that will just work.



    What can I do to build website as I said? Have you any other solutions?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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