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remove … To participate, register or login with your username

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  • ah, just before i start to spam this forum with a another question:

    i really have to change the register page, and i need only two form items in register.php, and those two are: “email” and “username” without the rest.

    so now i’ve found a php snippet** (it took me btw 2 hours to figure out what they do) ANYWAY… to cut a long story short i’ve tried to remove the php tag but as expected a blank page after that.

    phewww …. pure hardcore guys!

    ** `<?php if ( is_array($profile_info_keys) ) : foreach ( $profile_info_keys as $key => $label ) : ?>

    <tr<?php if ( $label[0] ) { echo ‘ class=”required”‘; $label[1] .= ‘<sup>*</sup>’; } ?>>`

    Where exactly is this:

    i’d like to remove the “To participate, register or login with your username:” part completely, but i had though luck to find this little php snippet in my template.

    I don’t see that on my site. I’m using 1.0.1

    @johnnydoe: In your theme’s register.php, before the line if ( is_array($profile_info_keys) ) : (above the <?php tag before that), put:

    <?php unset( $profile_info_keys['user_url'], $profile_info_keys['from'], $profile_info_keys['occ'], $profile_info_keys['interest'] ); ?>

    That will take out the extra fields in the register form. What you did was take out the part that outputs all the form fields :D

    I can’t see the “to participate” part either, did you manage to get hold of the template? ;)

    well not really kawa i’ve just copy & pasted the message from this forum here (@chand it’s right on top of this forum), my forum is in german and i thought that sounds maybe chinese for a few if i post the german message so i copied the one from here. :D

    other than that , kawa you’re right i’m one of the most brilliant php coders you’ve ever seen, my backend know how is like …well ughhh beyond words lol

    however, i use your trick with those fields, but yet an advice regarding to the “guest welcome/login message” ?

    Not quite sure what you’re asking, but if you’re just trying to display a message to non-logged in users, use something like:

    <?php if ( !bb_is_user_logged_in() ) : ?>
    Welcome, please log in or register!
    <?php endif; ?>

    in front-page.php

    My coding is pretty terrible too ;P I just learn from poking around in bbPress and WordPress and breaking things a lot, so you’re going about it the right way :P

    just the the other way round haha , i need to hide those existing messages completely. :D

    Nooo idea where they are then sorry, try using something like Find in Files with Programmer’s Notepad to search for the line

    yeah that’s what i’m doing since 2 days (i allways try things first befor i ask), and this is kinda annoying if you’re in a “productive flow” with your template design.

    aaaaanyway i may find this pisser … one day :D

    thanks kawa

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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