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Remove Subscribe link from Topics

  • newtech1


    On our forum topics there are no replies, thus there is no need for the Subscribe button to appear on topic posts. Where do I go to edit code to remove Subscribe?

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  • Robin W


    dashboard>settings>forums> and untick Subscriptions – Allow users to subscribe to forums and topics



    Whoops maybe I am misunderstanding what I am seeing or how subscription works, so let me describe what I want.

    We currently have one forum. paid members can post topics in the one forum and there are no replies.
    We want paid members to subscribe to the forum and thus receive email every time someone post a topic to the forum.

    We do not want them to subscribe to an individual topic because there will never be a change to the topic (no replies).
    It appears to be subscribe button for the forum and one for each topic, thus a person can click subscribe for the forum and also subscribe to individual topics. Maybe I am reading into this more than I should.

    Is this how the subscribe works?
    If a person clicks anywhere they see a subscribe button they are either subscribing or unsubscribing to both forums AND topics? Not an either/or?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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