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Remove sidebar only in topics

  • mikel1980pamplona


    Hello everyone!

    I want to do one thing on my bbpress and I’d like to do it without plugins.
    Currently my entire forum is full width. In my child theme I included the template “fullwidth-page.php” renaming it as “bbpress.php”.
    It worked perfect.
    My intention now is to see the sidebar in the whole forum, but in the pages of topics is full width.
    I think it improves the user experience. When they see the main page of forum, with the listings of forums, or when they enter a specific forum does not bother the sidebar to see what topics exist. But I would like to remove the sidebar when the user enters a topic or will do anything in it (read it, respond, etc …)

    Do you know how I can do this?

    If I delete the template I made to remove the sidebar (“fullwidth-page.php” renamed as “bbpress.php”) I get the sidebar in the forum.
    But what do I do next to remove the topics sidebar and everything related to them?

    Thanks greetings!

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