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Remove or hide RSS-Feeds

  • Is there a way to protect, hide or remove the RSS-Feeds of topics and replies?

    I’m using bbpress 2.0 and Buddypress for a protected community. Thanks to “private buddypress” everything is protected, even the feeds require a login. Only the BBPress 2.0 Feeds aren’t protected.

    I’m using the solution in this thread:

    to combine the feeds into one, which is successfully protectet by the private-buddypress-plugin.

    Using this code

    remove_filter( 'request', 'bbp_request_feed_trap' );

    I can force the forumfeeds to be protected but if I enter username and password I get a weird feed.

    Is there a more “elegant” solution to this problem? It would be great if I can protect the original forum-feeds but removing them completly would do the trick too.

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