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registration success message on page (not the email)

  • Hi guys,

    First of all thanks for your continued efforts to build bbPress. I’ve followed the HowTo video and that got me up and running with the templates reasonably quickly. I created my own child theme of 2010 and re-skinned it. All seems to have worked well.

    My only remaining issue so far as I can see is that there is no way for the user to know that they have registered. The email gets sent out but there really needs to be something like “Thanks for registering, you’ve been sent an email.”

    On my system when you register the registration form doesn’t change so it looks like nothing happened.

    Inspecting the POST submission with fiddler I can see that there’s a “redirect-to” field. I suppose that’s what I need to change to redirect and give the message, but what message should I display?… considering that the mail server could be down or something, I wonder if there’s a status code or whatever? What do you normally do?



    PS: After trawling the forums for tips I found these plugins helpful and complimentary to a bbPress install…

    Members (for fine grain permissions)

    SB Welcome Email Editor (to edit the registration emails, works well)

    WP-reCAPTCHA (captcha at registration)

    Private Messages for WordPress (for a basic pm system)

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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