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Registration on bbPress boards

  • Is there any way to control how people register on my bbPress discussion board. I can delete the spamers after registration but it would be nice to have a way of controlling who gets to register. Any solutions to this?


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  • This plugin gives registrants a math test before they sign up:

    This lets you easily delete spammy signups (you should back up database first, of course!):

    This is a bit hardcore, but you can actually hold new registrations for approval:

    Hopefully one of those will do the trick!

    I’ve been interested in this myself, and have asked a few questions regarding spammers. One mostly private forum I’ve built will remain very small, perhaps 40 to 50 members max. Another, though, might grow quite large (though not in the thousands, I think). I’ve got the approve-user-registration plugin active on both, and caught one hand-spammer (sic!) with it, and just denied him.

    I’m going to leave it active on the larger one too, and perhaps modify the register page so that ‘Website:’ becomes ‘Reason to apply’ (or similar). Then check for anything like a URL in any of the fields (even I can do that), and disallow if one is found. Saves me having to look at a stack waiting for approval. All I’ll need to do is read through those waiting, approve any that look fine, or email them to ask for validation of some kind if not. That’s my theory, anyway.

    Thanks JohnHiler.. I just installed the following:

    If there are any problems I will report it here.

    Hi Michael: My forum is not likely to have anyone at least not for awhile….I just don’t want to have to deal with a very potential problem if it does attract users. We can’t eliminate the jerks on this planet, but we can at least try to avoid contact with them.

    Yep, know what you mean. Do install Human Test too – the simple math question stops bots, which can’t answer.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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