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Registration issue

  • I have done a complete site re-design and have been debating between using vBulletin, which I own, or bbPress. I decided to try out bbPress purely from the simplicity and low-maintenance aspect. But I am having a registration issue that may be cookie related, but I am not sure.

    I have bbPress installed within my WordPress directory. I also have bbPress integration as well as WordPress integration to keep users synced between the two (I hope that is what I was supposed to do).

    My WordPress register page seems to be working:

    But my bbPress does not:

    I have verified that registering in WordPress does integrate the user automatically into bbPress.

    Any ideas on what I should be looking at to resolve this?

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  • (Yup, that’s the right thing to do.)

    Interestingly your other pages in the root of the forum (such as bb-login.php or statistics.php) seem to work; are you sure /Blog/forum/register.php exists? I can’t think of any other reason.

    Incidentally, the folks at Top Gear weren’t surprised that the car was blown away, just by how much.

    Yes, I made sure the registration.php existed. The weird thing is that if it had not existed, my .htaccess should redirect to the main page. It’s driving me crazy.

    To top things off, I now have the bozo issue that I cannot resolve at work, and the users who I had register through WordPress are not able to comment (but I can)…but that’s another support issue entirely…I think.

    Well, everything is working fine with the forum now…just not the register function. It’s the strangest thing. As already stated, all the other root files work, just not that one.

    Click it and you go to a non-styled version of the forum.

    It takes you to some type of 35 Posts page.

    Anyone got anything I could try?

    Nevermind. Fixed it. I have no idea how my rss.php became my register,php, but it happened. Everything back to normal.

    For future reference, do you know how you fixed it?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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