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Registration emails stopped working

  • kup1986



    We are using this plug in for one of our clients. Their site just went live after being designed, built, and tested on our beta server. Everything worked great, so we moved it to the live server this week.

    However, now that they’re on the live site, new forum users are not receiving their email notifications containing their password. In Beta, there was no email “link” as far as I could tell between the Beta site and our hosting. When a new user would register, they would receive an email from Within our hosting back end, I can see that emails were actually sent from

    Within the Dashbaord/Settings/General, I’ve made certain that the email account listed on that screen matches what was set up with their hosting provider. I’ve dug through the files until I can see code with my eyes close and cannot figure out how to make this work again.

    I’ve just now learning development, so please help (at a 101 level). I appreciate any insight!!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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