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Registration emails not sending to hotmail/aol

  • mountainduu1


    Im new to this stuff so try not to lose me but Im running wordpress 4.1 with the sparkling theme and bbpress 2.5.4. My site is The registration emails and lost password emails are going through fine with gmail but with aol and hotmail I get nothing. My site and wordpress is hosted through godaddy so I guess I need to know what or where the problem is. Is it a bug or is it godaddy or is it the email providers? How can I fix it and is there any workaround? And yes I have checked the spam folders. Thanks (O and every other aspect of email is working fine through the site -just this prob)

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  • Robin W


    Many spam filters strip messages that do not come from the correct address. So if your site is and your email address in wordpress settings>general is then it is likely that messages will be dumped in transit. You need to set up email to come from your site eg, your hosting provider can help if needed.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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