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Registration Email URL Link

  • joejozwowski


    I read the thread that I believed solved this issue in an earlier version, but I attempted to follow all the steps and was not able to get it to work, so I apologize for the repeat thread.

    I am using the bbPress Login widget to allow my users to login to the site and forum and am using the bbPress registration form to create new users.

    I do have BuddyPress installed, but not using it’s registration or activation functionality.

    I would like to change the URL that is sent along with the username and auto generated password so that my users can login to the site.

    I looked into modifying the file, but I am getting NO effect when I change the bb_get_uri( null, null, BB_URI_CONTEXT_TEXT ) to my homepage or bloginfo(‘siteurl’)

    I am working with bbPress Version 2.3.2

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