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Registration email query

  • Ok first post and I’m going to start by saying having only been using bbpress for 2 days I think its great, and just what I was looking for in appearance for a forum ie clutterfree and simple.

    I am no expert on this but I’ll try and explain a problem I am having with registration emails. It may not be anything to do with bbpress but I’m hoping someone here may have the experience to help.

    PROBLEM: User register seems to be fine and the mysql database is filled with their details. They get the email. All ok. However, if I try to create a different user with the same email (I’m doing this for testing) I never seem to get a registration email. Does bbpress do a check to see if a email address is already being used? I don’t seem to get this problem if a create users with an email address at the domain the forum is hosted. Also if I have an account and use the forgotten password recovery I find I get the email to generate a new password but don’t see the email with the new password.

    On top of this yahoo seems to be picking up the registration email as spam, I don’t know if this is normal.

    I hope this isn’t too long winded. If anyone has any thoughts I’d love to hear them. I know people are registering with my forum and using it so it does work! But they all have individual passwords. Thanks! :-)

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  • chrishajer


    I don’t know the ‘official’ answer, but I have had several users register a new name with an old email address (their username was spelled wrong or something) and they got their email and it works fine.

    To test, I just re-registered myself with a new name and an old email address, and it was received. I am on a gmail account. I do know that MSN, AOL and Yahoo tend to be aggressive with their anti-spam, and there are a lot of false positives (I know this from other business mail I send.) user_email is not a UNIQUE field in the database either. (I am integrated with WP – not sure if it matters.)

    I suspect it’s spam filtering catching the emails.

    Thanks for the reply. I thought the spam filtering out was most likely yahoo’s fault. I honestly don’t think any of my problems are related to bbpress, and maybe more likely my cheapo hosting! :-)

    I have another installation of bbpress on another domain and it seems to work ok.

    I’m thinking of looking into linking up with wordpress as well because I have used it before and really like it. Any my forum seems to be functioning which is the main thing and I’m happy I found bbpress for it!



    Cheap hosts sometimes get blocked too, no matter what type of email is sent from them. So, Yahoo! might be blocking all mail from It has happened.

    Good luck.

    i don’t think it the webhost. I’m using gmail as the email. All the gmail user receive the password but both hotmail and yahoo can’t



    Oops, following this thread now:

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