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Redirects to old domain name

  • Derek Ashauer


    We previously setup WordPress/BBPress on a different domain. When we switched domains, I changed every reference of the old domain to the new one by exporting the database and doing a search/replace then reimporting the database.

    Everything seems to work except for one minor issue: When you go to the BBPress main page, it redirects the URL to the old domain name. Everything works fine except it does not maintain the session. Once you click on a forum or topic title, it goes back to the new domain name. I cannot find any reference to the old domain name anywhere in config files, htaccess or the database – what else could it be?

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  • chrishajer


    Can you post the URLs for the old site, new site and forum?

    Is it possible you hard coded the old domain in a template or link somewhere? Maybe the link in the WordPress menu is still to the old site? Did you search through your WordPress template directories for the old domain? If it’s hard coded in a template file, it would not be in the database.

    Or maybe, you were not consistent with www vs. non-www for the URL? I have seem WordPress redirect to in some cases (never sat down to figure out when or why that happens.)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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