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Redirecting private/hidden forums URLs to wp-login.php

  • I’m having a problem where a number of our users are sending around URLs to discussions in private forums to other users, when those URLs are clicked, if the user is not logged in they get a 404.

    I want to write a plugin that directs users to the login page if they are not already, and only then return a 404 if they don’t have ‘read_private_forums’…

    Can anyone familiar with the bbPress code base point me to where bbPress evaluates this access?

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  • gptxffa


    I think I have basically the same question. When new topic emails are sent out to users who are not logged in and the click that link in the email the received the message in the picture. I would like them to get sent to the login page instead, and then once logged in sent to the original URL requested.

    not found



    I had the same issue.. had to make due with a workaround. Added a login form to 404.php in the themes folder, giving them an option to log in.

    All you need to add is the line:

    <?php wp_login_form(); ?>

    In there for it to work.

    Hope that helps someone else out.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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