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Redirect User Profile Link

  • Equisbono



    I have looked everywhere and could not find an answer.

    I found other things like putting the link in a menu item.

    But, what I wanna do is redirect the user profile page. I do not want to use bbPress´.

    So, to be specific. I am using UPME, a premium wordpress theme from Codecanyon.

    And the profile link for this plugin (User Profiles Made Easy) is:

    So I want to get rid of the bbPress user profile that appears in the forums and when a user creates a debate/post it will automatically link there, link:

    I want it to link here instead:

    So from plain view it looks like I would just need to change this link in some php file of bbPress, yet I have not had any luck after many hours of headaches.

    Could somebody please help me?


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  • Equisbono


    So I would basically need to replace /forums/users with /profile/ …

    I really hope its this easy!



    I was able to figure out how to do something similar, though not exactly what you need. I added the lines

    	$id = bbp_get_user_id();
    	header('Location: ../profile/?user='.$id);

    to the top of user-details.php. My project loads to a profile page with a GET request, but if you could find the function that returns the desired username you can redirect to any page you want. It’s a dirty fix but it works well for me.



    To change the user profile url, you can use this – it will build a link to the /profile/username and return that in the bbp_get_user_profile_url function in includes/users/template.php :

    add_filter('bbp_pre_get_user_profile_url', 'mjj_profile_link');
    function mjj_profile_link( $user_id ){
    	$user_info = get_userdata( $user_id );
    	$user_nicename = $user_info -> user_nicename;
    	return '/profile/' . $user_nicename;

    This would go in your functions.php file or bbpress-functions.php if you’re using that. Never modify those files in the admin area, only do them if you have ftp access and can undo anything that goes wrong!



    I just saw this! I was searching everywhere for a solution and today there are two possible solutions for my problem. I will try both of them and give you report.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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