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Redirect for parent?

  • admingsc


    Hi, all. Here’s where I’m at…

    I have my bb at . There are a ton of forums underneath it, so, to speed things up, we’re moving the top level (the bb landing page) to a static HTML page. That page lives at

    What I’d like is to have it so that when the user goes to (where the bb lives), they are redirected to . That way, when the user is in the forum and clicks on the breadcrumb to go to the top level, it will redirect them to /communityboard. We want to completely cut out users arriving at /community .

    Is this possible?

    What file needs to be edited to make it happen, and how?

    Really appreciate any advice you have to offer!

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  • kevinjohngallagher


    There’s a few ways to do this, and probably using .htaccess would be the best, but i think you’re overlooking a rather more simple solution.

    Why not just change the “front-page.php” file in your theme to be a static list of forums? I did that on one of mine and it made alot of difference and a quick fix :)

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