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Redirect error on login at

  • chrishajer


    The redirect error has been covered before, and I thought So10 had fixed it but I just had it happen again on .

    I was not logged in, and at the bottom of the thread there was a message “you must log in to post” or something similar (the link was at the end of the thread for sure.) So, I clicked that and got a page with two login forms, essentially: the normal login one, then the one that appears when you make a mistake on your password. I used the top one (form class=”login”, with grey background) to enter my info, then tabbed over to the submit button and hit enter. It submitted the form, then I got the Firefox error “This page is not redirecting properly” (see screenshot)

    Oddly, even though that Firefox error is displayed, I was logged in. When I use the browser back button, I see that I am logged in. Also, oddly, if I use the lower form (the form has no class, but has tr class=”error” for the first row) in the page to enter my login information, and submit that, the redirect error does not happen and I am logged in normally.

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  • I have done exactly what you are doing and cannot replicate this error with or without permalinks. What theme are you running and does it work if you only use the default theme? Are you using any plugins that are being displayed on the login page (as both login forms are displayed on that page)? Does your theme have login.php in it? If it does, what happens when you remove it for the default one?

    Anyone else seeing this error by logging into the top form on login.php?




    This is on this forum Trent, Try it here. Log out and see if you can replicate it here. I did it about 10 times to ensure I was reporting it correctly.

    Both my forums this doesn’t happen and on the main one (here) it does. lol. I guess speed reading on a feed reader misses things! I will report it! Thanks chrishajer and sorry I can’t read correctly! lol




    Trent Adams


    This will be a problem on installs until 1.0 comes out as it seems to be fixed in TRAC now. I left a comment on this issue as well:


    Cheers for the fix.

    However, I managed to reproduce this exact error on my bbpress forum (version with the suggested changeset 556). But strangely, only on my work pc (firefox 3 and IE7). From my home pc and on localhost the login redirects fine.

    Just thought I’d point out that it still may be a potential problem.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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