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Recover Data Base

  • Hi,

    I had to uninstall and re-install EasyPHP and now I am unable to connect to my forum through localhost as I get ‘cannot open DB. I have no understanding of configuring MYSQL and I am thinking that this might be the problem. Will I need to uninstall bbpress and re-install it and if so, will I use the same config.php? I tried this and it is not working. What to do?

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  • If EasyPHP also recreates MySQL and you didn’t have a backup, then you have to recreate the database and put that information into your config.php. That errors means it cannot connect to the database using the information you have in config.php



    So do I then complete a new config.php and the data base will then be created, if so, how does this affect access to bbpress forum?

    Assuming the database before your “upgrade” still exists, putting in the correct information for that database connection in your config.php will get the old bbPress installation back. If you “deleted” the database, you will have to put the new database information back into your config.php and run the installation script again.

    Hope that helps.


    Thanks Trent,

    I’ve tried to use the old information and I have re-installed and deleted and reinstalled bbpress and still getting the same error. I’m stumped since I have very little knowledge about data base.

    Since it is a local install, it might be difficult to troubleshoot. Just make sure mySQL is running, you have a user account that can create a database (or have one created already), have the right username and password for the database and enter it into config.php. You might even want to ‘troubleshoot’ to make sure the database server is running on your computer.



    Do you mean that I go into the EasyPHP admin file and create a new data base and use this information in the config.php? If so, I just tried this and still nothing. From what I can see, the mysql is functioning as it says it is running and that I need to secure my data with a password in the configuration. Yet I have placed a password there and that won’t change. Also, where would I go to delete previous databases…I feel perhaps I should start all over!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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