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Recent Topics Widget Question

  • lantaarntje


    Hi i’m using the Recent Topic Widget but im looking for the exact layout as the Recent Topics on the frontpage. I only get Newest Topic which shows only Topic name – Author and Freshness
    But i like to see: Recent Topic Name – Author – Latest Reply and by Poster name

    Is there a way I can accomplish this?


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  • Robin W


    the front page layout is achieved by ‘topics’ to the url eg


    add this url to your menu (links), and you have a latest topics page

    and the display is the content, not in a sidebar as a widget.

    Not sure if you wanted it in a sidebar that would be very populated.



    Thx for the info but how do i get it displayed on the frontpage not as a menu link but the same as Is it displayed in a widget area? or …

    Robin W


    This is done by putting some code into the footer.php

    If you’re into coding, then google ‘wordpress post footer’ and you’ll find several examples of how to put posts into footers. You’d be looking to add a parameter of ‘post_type’ = ‘topic’,

    Alternately you could try

    and see if that works in your footer – no idea if it will !

    the code would be something like

    [get_posts post_type=”topic” numberposts=15 orderby=”post_date” order=”DESC”]

    or maybe order = “ASC” !

    If you want the topics on the front page you can change this in bbPress settings.
    (Not entirely sure this is what you are after but here it is anyway)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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