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Recent Topics Widget Date and Time

  • ronthai


    I just noticed that the bbPress Recent Topics widget give the date/time/FRESHNESS from the last reply made.
    This does not seem to be a bug.
    I would prefer that it shows the Freshness of creation.
    I use both Recent Topics and Recent Replies widgets next to each other and it just looks foolish to have them both the same freshness time, especially since the New Recent Topics are usually the ones that get the replies.

    Is it possible to change that? Well of course it is but how and where?
    I don’t mind changing core files, I am always organized to know what I changed where in-case of updates.

    Thanks, Ron

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  • Lynq


    In the core files there is a file called widgets.php inside /plugins/bbpress/includes/common

    If you look at line 677 (in my version) there is a topics widget class (class BBP_Topics_Widget), you could create your own plugin and copy the class across (renaming it) and then create your own bbPress widget, without altering the core code.

    Good luck!



    It is only 1 change in the widget.php, so just changed the core file.
    line 871 (bbPress2.5.1) bbp_topic_last_active_time to bbp_topic_post_date

    We have an open ticket on Trac on what is and isn’t in the widgets and the potential option to merge everything into a single widget. If you have any additional thoughts not yet covered so far please feel free to add your own thoughts 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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