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Really basic stuff

  • I am new to all this and, frankly, it’s VERY confusing!

    I wish there was a place where newbies could go to read about and learn the very basics.

    For example, I would like to use Akismet.

    But there’s nothing that explains it to folks like me.

    I made an account and have a key, but I have no clue what to do with this key!

    I know you coders are all really smart, and we noobs are really stupid, but how ’bout one of you humble yourself and put up a step-by-step guide for the virtually retarded among us?

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  • kevinjohngallagher


    The realism is, bbPress is not currently aimed at folks that are not technically minded. That’s not said to put you or anyne else down, it’s just the reality of where we are.

    If you like the look of this software, or if you chose it for a particualr reason, then i’d spend some time searching the forums and seeing if any questions you have have already been asked; because documentation is non-existanct.

    In terms of your Akismet problem:

    • Go to your admin area
    • click on the “plugins” link
    • click on “activate” link under akismet
    • now the step that they tell people about for wordpress but not bbpress
    • click on the “settings” menu on the left hand side
    • the bottom sub menu will say Akismet, click it.
    • input your key
    • click save
    • spent time taking actual posts from users out of spam que because akismet is not optomized for forums

    Take care…

    You sed: “spend time taking actual posts from users out of spam que because akismet is not optimized for forums”

    What? Wait…not optimized for forums? Why do I want this again?



    Askimet is optimized for WordPress blogs.

    I disabled Askimet, and instead I use a variety of other plugins to control spam. Human Test for bbPress, Project Honeypot, New User Notification… they all do the job better than anything else at the moment.



    I’m going to presume you meant “thanks for the help” :)

    Akismet is great at catching a high percentage of spam, especially on Blogs. It’s not all of course but it’s a high percentage. Sadly it sometimes catches non-spam incorrectly. Considering it’s a free service, it’s not a huge issue for a blog. That said, blog posts are generally different to forum posts, and as a result Akismet is far less accurate for forums. It still catches a high percentage of spam, just not as high as it does for blogs and it marks way more things as spam when it’s not.

    Why do I want this again?

    It’s a free service, it does catchs alot of the spam, it’s better than nothing.

    Oh. Hey, thanx for the help! <g>

    Um…where do I find plug-ins? Is there a list/repository?





    Or click the “extend” button on the main menu above.

    Thank you all!

    I was able to put up a picture but I wonder if there’s not an easier way to go?

    I mean all that code and stuff, while it may be poetry to you; Non curo. Si metrum non habet, non est poema.



    Hi Uhclem,

    You’re not wrong mate, and there is an easier way to go. But it requires more investment than bbPress has had or is going to have anytime soon. If you can get bbPress to work for you they way you are happy with it, then that’s great, because its a lovely piece of software – but if not, then there are alternatives out there that will do what you want.

    Take Care,




    why not start paid support? that can be useful for the funds and at the same time noobs will get proper support without having to work on the codes which they would never understand…


    @chrishajer is for paid WordPress support. Maybe you will find some bbPress help there as well. Paying there though doesn’t benefit the bbPress project monetarily. is for paid WordPress support as well.

    Both those projects are independent of WordPress, Automattic and bbPress. WP Help Center is manned by employees of Crowd Favorite (Alex King), WP Questions has people visit the question and offer solutions after you’ve set your price. Two totally different approaches.

    Not sure if there is a more concerted effort for paid bbPress support or not.



    Chris, you say that WP Questions “doesn’t benefit the bbPress project monetarily”. But WP Questions could raise money for bbPress if bbPress signed up to receive donations from us:

    To be good citizens of the open source communities we belong to, we offer to donate 25% of our profits to developers whenever we get questions marked with the custom tags related to their projects (plugins, themes, software). All you need do is register. Put down ‘bbPress’ as the keyword for this project, and then 25% of any profit we make from a question about bbPress would go back to the bbPress organization.



    Very nice. Thanks Lawrence.

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