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Reading Forum for Kids

  • Here’s my bbPress. It’s a forum for kids and teens to discuss books on. I modified the default theme to fit with the color scheme of the main site, and added a few plugins for features that my members wanted.

    This is actually our second forum. The first was a YaBB install, which I hated, ’cause it kept letting spammers in. But our members and I love bbPress and the ease of use!

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  • Great site! I try to do something similar in :)

    Have any of your members read a book by Roberto BolaƱo or Jorge Luis Borges? Those are my favorite authors. I also like Ray Bradbury, Lewis Carroll, Hugo Pratt and Yukio Mishima.

    I’m not sure. I know that I have read some of Caroll’s work, and also some Bradbury.

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