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read only forums?

  • drewva


    I’m sure this would be a really useful feature for most forum administrators… “Read-only forums”

    Can you add the ability to create read-only forums in the admin tools area? I know there is a read-only plugin for bbpress but it is no longer supported (last update was in 2008).

    This would be such a great feature. I want to set up a forum topic that is informational for forum users, one that I don’t want users posting to.

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  • johnhiler


    Ah yah, this plugin doesn’t seem to work in 1.0:

    Your best bet is to ask or hire someone to upgrade the plugin to support 1.0? The number of changes needed is probably fairly low…

    Or there’s always the ultra-hacky solutions! :-)

    1) If your entire forum is read-only, you could hide the “Add New” link from your template, and only share it with people you want to post into your forums!

    2) If you only want specific forums to be read-only, you could turn them into a “Category”. Then nobody can post into those forums… but when you want to post, you could just change it from a Category back into a forum temporarily.

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