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Quotes and other characters get converted to html entities in the title

  • JakubMarian


    When someone posts a new topic containing characters like ” or ‘, they are converted to &something;. However, I use smart quotes (the wptexturize filter) on the rest of the website and this makes the typography inconsistent (because the html entity for ” doesn’t get converted to curly quotes).

    I suppose this is a bug, or at least I don’t see any reason why a topic title should be treated differently than the rest (the topic content is displayed as it should). I also guess that all that is needed to solve this is commenting out just one line somewhere. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the search for. Any hints?

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  • I just tried this and it works for me from both the front and back end.



    Have you created the topic using the form that’s part of the forum, or using the administration panel? If I use the administration panel, everything is saved as it should; however, when I use the submit form in the forum, characters get converted to HTML entities.

    I tested it using a clean installation of the latest version of WordPress with the default theme where the only plugin installed was bbPress, with exactly the result I have described above.

    Yes, that was what I inferred by ‘back end’ & ‘front end’ that I tried it from both places that we can create topics, the front end and the back end.

    The one thing I did do, that I have just tested against was I had copied and pasted the the ‘content’ from the back end to create the topic in the front end.

    I just manually typed the following into the ‘front end’ for single quote ', double quote " and


    tilde symbols.

    I am also using a clean install and the Twenty Thirteen theme so like yourself I am a little perplexed as to why we are seeing something different.



    I have the same problem. Double quotes are converted into " and saved in the DB in this way.

    If, for example, I create a post using the WordPress admin panel,
    its columns ‘post_content’ and ‘post_title’ in the table ‘wp_posts’ are saved like this:
    "Post title" and "Post content"

    If I create a topic on a BBPress topic page, its data saved in the DB like this:
    "Topic title" and "Topic content"

    So the issue mentioned by @jakubmarian is not resolved yet 🙁

    How can we please resolve it?



    I tried the BBPress 2.6 beta-2 version. And the problem is fixed there! 🙂 I’m very much looking forward to the release. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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