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Quick note to Matt, since he is here (momentarily)

  • In response to your post here, since you closed the topic (again):

    Well hello Matt, welcome back to bbpress. How were your last 6 months?

    Mine were full of frustration and wasted time, mostly because all the meetups and chats you always mention have zero value, since you never keep your word, nor keep anybody in the loop, not least of all, the top bbpress devs in this community.

    Now that you are here, do everyone a favor and answer these questions:

    1) what is happening to

    2) is bbpress as a standalone definitely being abandoned, permanently?

    3) how will the above affect the status of backpress?

    There is not pent up rage from many decisions, but rather from indecision, misdirection, lying, and abandonment. In other words, people wasting other peoples’ time and efforts.

    Therefore your sweet soliloquies serve absolutely no purpose except to further the frustration and belief that you are purposefully ignoring everything that everyone is saying, for no apparent reason. Thus, we all assume you are making your own secret plans as there is no logical or mature alternative reasoning to your (in)actions.

    I hope you don’t run away from this forum again for 3 months in reaction to my criticism, which I deliver in the hope of progress and answers, and not to merely belittle (as the members here aimed to many times before, even though you ran away then too).

    Additional questions:

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