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Questions (new to bb/wordpress)

  • dhelegend



    I have a few questions about bbpress, i’m new to it and would like to learn a thing or two aswell!

    – Currently when in a Forum, you have this gigantic “Create new topic” box at the bottom of the page. Can i remove this and instead create a button that (on another page) displays the create new topic customizer?

    – Currently at the Freshness it only shows the username, but not the topic it has created (name), where can i add this, if possible?

    – Currently the message edit is quite basic, you can put your text in italics, bold and other stuff. Is there an option to also enable underlining, font size, font group and text color?

    – I’d like to have a ranking system, not based on the amount of posts, but ranks in general, that shows under your name, like Owner, Admin, Moderator, Member and Guest. Is this possible?

    Kind regards!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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