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Question concerning Tapatalk Integration with bbPress

  • KipFisher


    I have a question about using Tapatalk with bbPress. I have everything installed, set up, and functioning. However, there’s one thing missing in the interface with my forum and Tapatalk…most recent or unread topics/replies. The closest I can find right now is to view the Timeline, but that shows the most recently created topics – not the topics in order of the most recent replies. Even if a topic has been replied to today, it may be far, far down the list because it (the original topic) was created a month ago. Is this a problem in my setup or just something that is not a function for bbPress/Tapatalk integration?

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  • bbPress does not include ‘unread’ topics/replies out of the box, there are a few plugins that add this feature but I have no idea if any are supported by Tapatalk.

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