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Queries regarding functionalities

  • kinsey95


    Hello, I need some information regarding the plugin.
    1. I want the question asked by the user will go to a moderator or moderators. The moderator will answer the question and the question and answer will both be posted upon the moderators’ approval.
    In other words, no questions will be posted live until it has been explicitly approved to be live.
    So how to achieve this functionality with this plugin?

    2. Is there any settings that enable functionality for moderators to get email notifications for any new topic in the forum?

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  • Robin W


    1. If you only want replies to be posted by moderators then use topic permissions in

    Private groups

    2. to achieve moderation use

    bbp style pack

    once activated go to

    dashboard>settings>bbp style pack>Moderation

    Milan Petrovic



    My GD bbPress Toolbox Pro plugin: has Private Topics and Replies, so user can create private topic, only moderators can read these, and reply, and later can make public. Your request is a bit different, so I may look into implementing that for future versions of the plugin. And, GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has new notifications for keymasters and moderators when new topic or reply is posted.




    Hello @Robin W,
    I went through your suggested plugins but I found that through that plugin only that particular group that is associated with the forum can see, create, or reply to the topics of the forum.
    Whereas I want that specifically the Moderators can reply to any topic of any forum.
    1. If I missed anything in the functionality of the above-mentioned plugin then please let me know as I’m a newbie to this.

    2. Is there any way by which I can show all the question and their replies on a single page?

    Robin W


    you just create 2 groups, group 1 – moderators and group 2 – everyone else (called whatever you want)

    you then assign all your moderators to group 1 manually and since everyone else will be subscribers, you use the ‘assign groups to roles’ to assign them to group 2

    you turn on topic permissions and the in dashboard>settings>forums>each forum you set up the forum for topic permissions as you wish

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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