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Q: how do I add a manu bar at the header ?

  • Hi.

    This is probably a very simple question, but I couldn’t find an easy straight answer.

    What code should I add (to the header.php and the style.css), in order to get a nice manu for the forum ?

    (I am using the style-rtl.css)

    ( I just wish people to be able to navigate back to my blog, and to the search page).



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  • Check out the bbMenu plugin, it adds a menu to you bbPress. Don’t think it works with rtl, but perhaps you can convert the normal css (see plugin) to the rtl css

    The plugin:

    And to add a tab:

    If any changes are needed in the rtl css and you make it work, let me know :)

    Hi Null, thank you for your fast reply !

    I actually tried the plugin before posting :)

    My main problem with it – is that I can’t translate “forum” and “search” into hebrew. If i could, I would have used it.

    Also, for some reason, the plugin is buged, so I can’t move it’s widgets around (in FF and in IE as well).

    What would you recommend me to do ?

    It works fine in FF as in IE over here. Make sure to install everything in the proper maps (see map structure in the zip)

    You could try changing it in hebrew text using phpMyAdmin. Not sure if that would work….


    Thank Null, yet I don’t know how to handle the name changes in phpMyAdmin.

    But I’ll try to reinstall it later on, and will update on progress,

    Thanks again,


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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