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Project TinyWYSIWYG for bbpress.

  • silasje1


    Hey all.

    Due to outdated, slow, failing and not working WYSIWYG plugins, i wanted to create a new version.

    The goals:

    -Let TinyMCE work on all post pages (100% already :) )

    -Add new button which adds the [video] tag for youtube and a few more video sites. (0% since i havent treid it yet.)

    -Turn TinyWYSIWYG off or on. (75% because i can hide it, but then it says no text is submitted. But quick fix: write in html, then turn Tinymce on and submit. It works as html, but a little iritating to do this way.)


    -Can be easily updated, source is TinyMCE’s.

    -Good experience, and loads of things work, like ,<span>

    -Has easy UI same as MS Office 2007.

    So any volunteers to help out the small things and make this as a plugin.

    Note: The [video] PHP coding part is ready, needs to add button which wraps the [video]url-of-video[/video]

    The video part will be a lose part too.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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