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Profile page doesn't show

  • defcon1186


    Hi guys, I’m pretty new(bie) on WordPress, hope some1 could help me.

    I’ve created a little test site here:

    Then, I’ve installed bbpress and I’ve created menu entries with those magical-fantastic short codes.

    Everything seems going fine, of course it will need some CSS adjustment but I don’t panic on that… else way I panic because I can’t reach profile page…

    My forum is:
    And profile for my user should be:

    When I go to my profile page, something strange happen… It seems that bbpress use my homepage php to build the page.. of course result in a home-similar, with a “THESE POSTS ARE BY: ” on top and any other infos…

    I read that bbpress look for page.php if there is no bbpress.php on theme root folder, but if I also create a copy of my page.php or post.php doesn’t fix the problem.

    Is because that template uses dynamic pages? there is no solution? I mean, There is no way to override bbpress page settings and make a different view for the profile page?

    Please… help those noob

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  • It looks like you’ve now added BuddyPress so this is null and void 😉

    If you decide not to use BuddyPress let me know and I’ll take another look.

    Typically if you make a copy of page.php and rename it bbpress.php and it doesn’t work is because the themes page.php has some funky code, usually linking to custom templates for custom post types so is usually theme specific and alternatives can be to tyr the themes archive.php and or post the theme name here and we can have a look.



    Thank you for reply.
    Yes, I’ve solved with BuddyPress temporarily. It look nice and there are all options I need (profile picture and signature).

    Unfortunately the rename page.php trick dosn’t work with that theme.

    I’ve noticed same issue with search page (right now it’s disabled), if I do a forum search it won’t find anything except the first blog post (?!?).

    This is the theme:

    I’ve already contacted support and they couldn’t help me on bbpress, except for the styling that I’ve done with child theme and bbpress classes on body (I’ve noticed that bbpress automatically insert .bbpress and many custom classes on forum pages… wow,very handy, it’s a new feature? I’ve also noticed that this works only in “Forums” slug and not “Forum”).

    All of bbPress will sit within the ID id="bbpress-forums" which makes CSS styling even easier and is far from new, I think it has been there since bbPress became a plugin 🙂

    A quick look at the “Track’ theme, it looks like if you copy archive.php to bbpress.php that will resolve most of your issues. (Source: archive.php)

    Edit: Do the above but remove the following line from your bbpress.php copy:



    I’ve added renamed archived.php without get_template_part('content'); like bbpress.php in my child root, and now forum page won’t load… that’s pretty weird 🙂

    Oh! Looks like my bad, replace what was get_template_part('content'); with <?php the_content(); ?> 😉



    Ok, now seems that something changed… forum pages are now builded correctly (of course it still need css adjustment).

    I’ve disabled BuddyPress for the moment… and anyway I can’t still access profile pages 🙁

    Search too, doesn’t work yet

    Ok, this is a “Hybrid Core” theme, I notice it is only running the 2.0 beta Hybrid Core Framework.

    I can’t find an exact fix as support is limited without even a publicly accessable FAQ and the themes author also does not list anything either.

    I just sent the theme authors a quick email asking them if they’d swing by with some tips, so lets see what happens.

    Essentially something similar to what was done in this and/or this topic needs to occur though specifi to the Tracs theme.



    Let me know if theme’s authors reply to you… I hope to find a solution for that.

    Anyhow I thank you for the support.

    How can I avoid those kind of problem in future? I mean, should I look for specific themes builded with specific frameworks, or should I consider learning how to build a personal theme with wordpress?

    I came from joomla and I’m very very new on WP solutions. Anyway I like WP ’cause it’s more lightweight (expecially backend module) and blog-like then a true CMS like Joomla.

    Thank u again

    There are only a handful of themes that I know cause constant issues and out of thousands this is pretty good. Genesis themes are also OK as there is a custom plugin to add support for Genesis themes. I’ll go out and say that the Hybrid Core themes have full bbPress functionality built into the core framework, just some theme authors do not add this support to their theme.

    Lets give it a couple more hours, at the time of writing this there ~2 hours until their support opens:

    We’ve received your message!

    We are outside office hours right now, but will get back to you ASAP in the morning!

    Our office hours are 8am-8pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT -4).



    Hi again,

    I’ve noticed that after last theme update (now track is on 1.2.0 version) profile page now work…

    By the way everything on the forum pages is messed up! Topic view exceed widht and post page do something strange with first post.

    There’s a way to fix that issues?

    I’ve also noticed that “archive.php” dosn’t exist anymore in that theme version…



    Any idea ?

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