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Profile limitations

  • ercvowners


    I am using WP 4.8.2; BuddyPress 2.9.1; BBPress 2.5.14 and Members 2.0.0
    I have unchecked the option for “Anyone can register” because we are a discreet number of Owners in a COA. As Administrator, I create the accounts for Owners and control the Usernames to include unit numbers for identification. Because I don’t have the “anyone can register” field checked, it seems to limit functionality in creating groups, inviting friends, etc. I cannot assign pages to groups and members unless that function is checked, however I do not want other people registering. I also manage parts of the website for “Owner Only” access. Can you help? I want existing Owner/Members to have full functionality with their profiles, but I don’t want to open registration to outsiders.

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