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Problems with bbPress translation

  • roby80


    Hi everybody, first post here! 😉

    I hope somebody can help me, since I’m having problems with the translation of a new bbPress installation… It’s kind of strange actually, because it seems to translate only part of the strings, but if I check my .mo & .po files they’re fully translated, just how it should be.

    I’ve been using WordPress for years but it’s the first time I used bbPress as well, so I followed these instructions religiously.
    (I actually only had to change the directory in which I put the .mo & .po files to wp-content/languages/plugins, since putting them in wp-content/languages/bbpress/ – I had to create this folder to try – like written in the documentation won’t work. After that I tried to put them in every other “logic” place that came to mind with no success)

    Here are a couple of screenshot to let me show my “half translated/half not” situation:
    EDIT: img’s won’t work so here are the links

    Thank you very much for any input!

    WordPress 4.8.2
    bbPress 2.5.14

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