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Problems customizing bbPress

  • chicadieta


    Hi. I’ve been going around this all day and haven’t found the answers to my questions so I’m posting them here.

    I’m running:
    – bbPress v 2.1.2
    – Thesis Theme v 1.8.2
    – WordPress 3.5 (Network)

    These are my problems:

    1) I managed to remove the sidebars for bbPress forums puting a php code on the custom_functions.php file of the Thesis Theme, but I can’t get bbPress pages to be full width. How can I tell bbPress to use 100% width?

    2) My main forums page doesn’t show anything. I even created a page with the correspond slug and put on it the short code [bbp-forum-index] but this page is still empty.

    3) For some reason, bbPress content font is really small. It’s always smaller than my site’s regular font. I have tried every combination of CSS classes and ids to try and change the font size used by bbPress but nothing changes. What’s the class I need to use for this? How can I get bbPress to use the same font size as the rest of my site?

    My site is
    And the forums are (supposed to be) on http:////
    You can check one of the forums on

    Thanks in advance.

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  • chicadieta


    Solved the problem. Turns out I needed to install a compatibility plugin (provided by the Thesis Theme developers). I don’t know if I will be able now to properly change the forum font size, but everything else works perfectly now.

    I hope this helps someone else with the same issue (i.e. anyone installen bbPress in a blog using Thesis), because I searched for this for days and didn’t find any answers, not here, not on the WP forums. The answer was in the private Thesis forum.

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