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Problems ‘Add New’ links just after installation

  • cpjolicoeur


    I posted earlier in this thread:

    but i see it is marked as [Resolved] so people probably arent reading it.

    I just freshly installed bbPress and after the install and setup I am unable to add a new topic or reply to existing topics. There is no link to add new topics/reply/etc…

    The prior thread said it could be due to mod_rewrite, so I deleted my .htaccess file and turned mod_rewrite off in my config file and it still isnt working.

    Any ideas? The link for the forum is

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  • cpjolicoeur


    so, I looked in the bb-templates/kakumei/post-form.php file and it is completely blank???

    is this correct or should there be an edit form in this file?? This is the default theme included in the bbpress installation and i havent edited the file at all



    My post-form.php has a bunch of stuff in it. Maybe your file transfer did not go cleanly? My file is 1264 bytes, from 1.0-alpha.

    You might want to re-upload the files. Maybe more are missing or damaged?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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