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Problem with this forum…. login

  • jabbamonkey


    I always check the REMEMBER ME check box (even though it’s not labeled), and my security settings are low (so I know I’m not deleting my cookies). However, whenever I get to the site, I’m always logged out.

    Also, whenever I put in my login info and click LOGIN, nothing happens … the page quickly reloads, but the login fields still remain on the screen. Then, if I surf around on the forum, the login fields go away and I notice that it DID recognize that I’m logged in. But, if I go BACK to the back I was on that I wanted to view (maybe it was a post that I wanted to reply to), then it shows that I am logged out again (even if I refresh the page). So, in order to view that page as logged in, I need to get to that page from some other way (either by searching the forums for the page, or going to my posts, etc.)

    This is all very aggravating every time I come here…

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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