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Problem with the default "do not reply" email address

  • With the recent bbPress update, the way notification is sent is changed. Earlier individual emails are sent to each people, but now only one email is sent with all the email address in bcc. I guess this is done to prevent email bottleneck. But this seems to have caused a issue in my setup.

    I use wpmandrill to send emails through the mandrill service. With the new change, the to and from address is changed to a default “do not reply” email address that is calculated using the current domain name. The code is present in the bbpress/includes/common/functions.php

    $do_not_reply = '<noreply@' . ltrim( get_home_url(), '^(http|https)://' ) . '>';

    So it becomes <>

    When this address is used as “to” address, the mandrill service thinks that it is an invalid email address because of the angle brackets.

    I went through the code, but there is no filter to change the $do_not_reply variable.

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  • Sudar Muthu


    Is wp_mail getting called at least?

    Stuart Neilson


    Yeah it was being called.

    I found the issue was a conflict with another plugin I had written to do with forum emails. I’ve solved this now but thanks for your reply.

    Dan Olson


    I realize this is an old thread, but we just installed Mandrill using the wpMandrill plugin and everything works great for us except BBPress. I’ve been in contact with Mandrill support and the first thing they suggested was actually just making no reply@… a valid email address. So we did that and that took care of the first issue.

    But as for sending all emails in the Bcc, Mandrill still does not play nice with that and they really didn’t have any suggestions for me other than one, which I am copying as a screenshot below.


    I tried installing Sudar’s plugin, but that did not work for me. I did install Stephen’s plugin to just disable wpMandrill for BBpress notifications and that worked. So that is my stop-gap solution at the moment.

    Have I missed any new developments since this discussion started? Any new workarounds? I know that BBPress used to send all the reply emails using the “to” field. Has anyone considered making this an “option” in a future version — in other words, default to BCC but give admins the option to use TO if they’re using Mandrill?

    Just struggling to find a solution. Any help would be appreciated.


    Hello Dan,

    I ended up using the asyncronous-bbpress-subscriptions plugin




    I ended up switching to SendGrid… the plugin for WP seems to be better supported.



    Hi @sudar! Thanks for your great work in this regard, and I know this is *really* old now, but I am working on a site that has your bbpress-subscription-in-mandrill plugin installed and am trying to see if it is still necessary, hopefully without breaking anything.

    The site is sending things through Mandrill, using the Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log plugin. They are also running a beta of bbPress v2.6. I don’t know if it resolved any of these issues or not.

    I am just trying to understand your post above, that you switched to the asyncronous-bbpress-subscriptions plugin. Does that mean you are no longer using the one you wrote, and the above one solves all the issues? Any particular notes to be aware of in configuring that plugin vai filters/etc to accomplish the same thing yours has done?

Viewing 6 replies - 26 through 31 (of 31 total)
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