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Problem with Spammers

  • hjennings



    I have dozens of spammers signing up on my forum:

    Although there do not appear to be any new posts added when looking about on the user interface, spam topics appear in the admin dashboard under “Recently Moderated Items”.

    When I click on an item under “Recently Moderated Items,” and then scroll down and click “Close topic,” I get this message: “There is a problem with that topic, pardner.”

    I have Askimet installed. Is this something else I can install to block spammers from signing up?

    And once these spammers have signed up, what is the best way of dealing with them? Should I delete them one by one or block them? Also, is there a way to select several at once to either delete them or block them? The only thing I can figure out to do so far is to open each spammer’s member profile and delete/block from there, which is taking FOREVER.

    Thanks very much for your help.

    -the host of the Dowdy Corners Cookbook Club

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