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Problem with multiple bbPress installations sporting a single wp user table

  • holger_gamua


    Hello everyone,

    I just recently integrated a second bbPress installation with a wp site’s user table (another bbPress was already successfully integrated) and I think I messed up:

    My users currently have the problem that they get notification e-mails (via Post Notification plugin) and private messages (via bbPM) for topics from the wrong bbPress installation.

    Up until now I figured out that the reason for this is that e.g. a user’s favorite topics are stored as a comma separated list of topic IDs in the wp “wp_usermeta” table under the key “bb_favorites”. Now, if both bbPress installations use the same key for this it would easily explain why user’s get notified for the wrong topics. –> both bbPress installs would get the list and see that topic 4 is in the user’s favorites. Since every install has a topic 4 both bbPress installations would send a notification for it – unfortunately topic 4 is a different topic on each installation. Meh.

    So here comes the wall of questions I am trying to understand:

    1) Is the “bb_favorites” key a fixed value or is it using the “bb_” table prefix?

    Unfortunately both of my bbPress installations have the same table prefix, which is okay since the live in different table spaces, but not okay if bbPress puts together its “wp_usermeta” keys like this: prefix+”favorites”.

    2) I took a look at the other keys in the user meta table and found out that bbPM (private messaging plugin) uses “bbPM” as a prefix to all its keys. So even if the above assumption is true and the “bb_” prefix is dynamically added according to the table prefix of the current bbPress installation, fixing the table prefixes won’t work for this plugin. That’s why I wonder if it would work to use a SEPARATE “wp_usermeta” table for the second bbPress installation but the SAME “user” table? Probably not, but I thought it’s worth asking.

    Thank you very much in advance!


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  • holger_gamua


    Okidoki! I just found out that the “bb_” in the “bb_favorites” key is indeed the table prefix of your bbPress installation. That’s good news since this fixes the problems with the Post Notification plugin (if I manage to change the table prefix of a live install).

    Unfortunately I was not yet able to find an answer to my second question. That’s probably where you’ll have to jump in for me.

    Thanks again (in advance)!

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