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Problem with installation

  • Hello!

    I’m having trouble with the bbPress installation, and haven’t been able to get the forum up and running.

    I’ve got WordPress 2.8.6 installed on a test site (it’s up and running fine), and I wanted to also have a forum on the same site. I want to try bbPress because of the possibility of integration between WP and bbPress. It would be nice if users could log in once, and be able to post comments on the blog portion of the site or post messages in the forum side of the site, and not have to manage two separate logins.

    I downloaded bbPress 1.0.2, uploaded it to my web server, ran the bbPress installer, and entered the info requested, including the MySQL settings for database name, database username, database password,

    MySQL hostname, and clicked “Continue” (or something to that effect). The message I got back was that it had a problem opening the database. At this point, I noticed there was a checkbox or something like that on the installer page where I could enter additional details, so I clicked on that, and it asked for ‘AUTH_KEY’, ‘SECURE_AUTH_KEY’, ‘LOGGED_IN_KEY’, and ‘NONCE_KEY’.

    I remember generating these keys the last time I upgraded WordPress, so I had to download the wp-config.php file from my server and poke through it for these strings, but I found them, so I entered them into the bbPress installer page.

    In addition to those key strings, the bbPress installer page was also asking for “salts” for each of those keys. I had no idea what the “salts” might be, but when I clicked on the help button next to the entry field, it said that if you didn’t have this it would check with the server during installation.

    So I left the “salt” fields blank, and clicked “Continue.”

    An installation log was generated, and I saved it as a text file. I won’t put the whole thing in this message, but the installation process modified the database tables without problems. In Step 2 of the process (WordPress integration), it reported “WordPress cookie keys set” and went on to “Fetching missing WordPress cookie salts.” It said that the WordPress “auth” cookie salt was successfully set, but the next one was where the trouble may have begun, as it reported WordPress “secure auth” cookie salt NOT set. The WordPress “logged in” cookie salt was set OK.

    Finally, in Step 3, it listed the site settings for me. But one of the lines read “Forum could not be created!”

    Following that line were two lines reporting that directories were established for my plugins and themes. I used my FTP program to check my server, and those two directories were indeed created.

    And, of course, it summed things up by saying “some errors encountered during installation!”

    But at the same time, there was a message that I should go to, and that the forum should launch.

    I went to that page, but every time I do, I get redirected to:

    Where the message says:

    Oh dear!

    bbPress is already installed.

    Perhaps you meant to run the upgrade script instead?

    Well, no, I don’t want to run the upgrade script, since I’m trying to do a first-time install.

    So, I don’t know where to proceed from here.

    One question in my mind is if the installer script was able to find and set the salts for three of the keys OK, why couldn’t it set the “secure auth” cookie salt?

    Second question is why do I get a page telling me bbPress is already installed, when the installation script says the forum could not be created?

    Any guidance anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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