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problem with displaying bbpress posts

  • I unistalled bbpress a week ago but have decided to reinstall it.

    I’ve set up a test forum, a test topic and a test post.

    When I go to the test topic the content of my test post (not the title) is displayed underneath it. There is no link to the post page.

    How do I get the post’s title to display under the topic so that if a reader clicks on it that it opens the content?

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    Not enough information provided for us to really help.

    I would start by using the twentyten default theme and see if everything is working correctly when everything is setup pretty much out of the box.

    If it does not work, then a detailed listing of the exact steps you took through install to where you are now would help. Also a link would be needed to at least have a clue of what is happening.




    I don’t have a lot of time to really dig through everything. I read through your old posts, and frankly I don’t know what the problems are. There really isn’t any true dedicated support for these forums. I pretty much just take a peek in here a few times a week and try to give some quick answers to what I think I can help with.

    I would suggest watching the video:

    Beyond that, from what I am reading, you really may need to hire a developer to get everything straightened out. I wish you luck.

    I have created some forums and topics by working down the menu list;

    new forum, new post and new reply.

    There are 2 issues


    when I create a topic I write the header and the details on a page.

    i.e. Topic header; finding out about Christianity

    On the page I write a summery: post your questions about Christianity

    This is the link to the page;


    When I create a reply it seems to be appended to the topic page. No reply title is displayed. This concerns me as it would be very difficult for users to find the reply etc.

    You can see this on this link;

    I’m confused because when I create a reply in the admin panel you use the page layout which includes a title. You don’t see this in the forum.

    Oh I forgot. The bbpress forum that I am making isn’t in the menu. The one in the menu is symposium. I am hoping to change them over in the next day or so.



    OK, I had no problem registering for your site and creating a topic and a reply to my topic.

    also created a topic and reply via the top wp admin bar:

    *Hope you don’t mind my creating the topic, but seemed best way to test it out.

    As far as I can see everything is working perfectly.


    One thing I would consider adding is a plugin by JJ

    This will remove the ability to create topics and replies via the top wp admin bar for all users except the super admin.

    I am guessing that you are using the wordpress backend to create topics and replies (the screen that looks like the create posts).

    Really even though you can do it that way, you are more supposed to create topics and replies on the front end of the website. It is confusing to users to click on the top admin bar and go to the wordpress backend to create topics and replies. That little plugin removes that.


    I can say that your forums are working correctly. To make things easier to understand install that plugin I listed so that your users can’t see the top admin bar to create topics and replies. They will then see the forums as more what they would expect.

    Hope the info helps and best of luck

    ****Please delete my account on your site, go in and delete user****


    I’ve watched the video. I see what the problem is now;

    I started at the forum level because I thought category was specific to wordpress. I need to move everything up one level.


    I’ve deleted your user account etc.

    I did reply to a post earlier as they seemed to be experiencing a problem that I experienced. Asked them to switch to a bbpress theme. I might have a go at a few more once I’m up and running.

    I’ll close this now.

    I forgot I’ll install the plug you recommended now.

    John James Jacoby


    Resolved. Closing.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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