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Problem with broken forum design

  • mrmandinga


    Hello. I have a theme which is supossed to be compatible with BBPress, but for some reason the forum looks weird: the lines or rows are broken. I couldnt find a solution. This is a screenshot:

    Anyone had the same problem or knows how to solve it?

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  • baylock


    I really hope someone will be able to help you on this but I believe, as long as BBpress works ok out of the box, that the question should be asked to your main theme maker.
    Maybe it was supposed, at some point, to work on some previous version of BBPress?

    Anyway, if you know how to use css, this should be something that could be solved within minutes.
    I would help if I could but without having this specific theme styles, it’s difficult to know remotely what to tweak.

    Anyway, I hope you’ll find your answer around here!


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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