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Problem with __ngettext when try to localize

  • There are places, like in template-functions.php where you want to use singular/plural forms, it goes like :

    __ngettext( 'post', 'posts', $post_num )

    Im translating EN to PL using poEdit and I added there __ngettext keyword, after that it take for me ‘post’ string, but ‘posts’ was ommitted, how to take them all ?

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  • I have also problem with translating singular/plural forms that are handled in source code by __ngettext.

    in poEdit (version 1.3.7) I put __ngettext:1,2 to recognise both forms ( singular/plural), but when I try to translate them poEdit refuse to work and returns error:

    17:56:32: C:Documents and SettingshodisDokumenty13jazyk.po:2236: missingmsgstr[]’ section

    17:56:32: msgfmt: found 1 fatal error`

    So, is something wrong with poEdit?

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