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Problem when moving topics to different forum

  • funnycat777


    I am currently using bbpress 2.0 RC4.

    I have encountered a problem when moving a topic to a different forum.

    For some reason, replies on a topic have disappeared after moving the topic to a different forum within the site..

    The weird part is that I can see the reply if I login as admin.

    This shows that the voices haven’t disappeared completely, but somehow it is hidden.

    If you are not logged in or if you are logged in as a member, you cannot see the reply, but can only see the first voice of the topic.

    Can you advise?

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  • funnycat777


    I have an additional info to add.

    From frontend, I went to Edit (on post), didn’t change anything, hit save, and now the post shows up with non-admin credentials.. This shouldn’t happen when moving topics.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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