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Privet forum within categorys are not showing up!

  • i have done an extensive search on this manner but i have not found anything (so i am hoping its just user error!).

    i am using the latest version of bbpress as a plugin with the latest version of wordpress.

    I LOVE IT!


    i have a privet area (category) in the root of my forum with private forums within. sounds reasonable!

    but when i navigate to my forum root, my privet category shows 0 topics and 0 posts (yes i have added topics and posts). even worse, when i click on my privet category, it just says “This category contains 0 topics and 0 replies.” and doesn’t show the forums that live there. (sadface)

    even more curious, if a make one of the privet forums with in my privet category, public… then they all show up (both in the root and in the category view)!

    this is the case for all roles and accessibility.

    can anyone shed some light on what i may be doing wrong?


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