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Private vs. hidden forum for paid members only

  • Hello, I would like to create a special forum for my paid members. I am using the Your Members plugin for my user management. I thought that I would simply create a new forum called “members” with some topics and I would put this forum using a shortcode to the members page, which would have restricted access for members only (using the Your Members plugin).

    Yet it seems not to work this easy way. The logged in member can’t see any forum on that page and there is only a line of text with latest forum news and a form for a reply. Once he clicks either on the news or writes a reply, he gets a 404 page. Do you have any idea why is that?

    I was trying to make the forum private or hidden, but I don’t understand at all how these features work and I wasn’t able to find any documentation for bbPress yet:(. Could someone please advise me on how would it be the best way to create the paid member’s only forum? Just to make clear, I also do have a normal forum for my free users (who have to be logged in to be able to post into it). Thank you very much for your help! All the best from Misha

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