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Private Posts not Private?

  • Rhys Wynne


    I’m using bbPress in conjunction with the Members plugin and have a “Private” forum, that only users of a certain level can access (we call it “Employees”).

    It works fine, great, thanks 🙂

    However, if a non “Employee” logged in user has the direct link to a post (or clicks on the “Freshness: {time}” in the post list, then they can see the topic directly.

    How can I hide this? Ideally I want to do it plugin level, rather than changing the theme.

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  • Stephen Edgar


    bbPress does not have any options to do what you are looking for at this stage.

    That said there have been a couple of tweaks to how Private/Hidden forums for the upcoming bbPress 2.3 that you can grab bbPress 2.3 RC1 and see if it helps or not 😉

    bbPress 2.3 – Release Candidate 1

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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