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Private Messaging Extended

  • Hi,

    For my own purposes i modified the plugin Private Messagging. The changes i made are:

    – The message’s content is filtered through the same filters as a regular post content.

    – The plugin is localized.

    – Added security fixes.

    – Added limits (the plugin now checks message lengths and inbox size).

    – Added improved error handling (i still have to use Wp_Error).

    – Improved usability :)

    Maybe it could be useful, so if anyone wants to check it out (or even use it) it can be downloaded here (remember to change the extension to .tar.gz).

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  • chrishajer


    Are the functions capitalized in the same manner? Windows doesn’t seem to care about capitalization, but Linux does. I’ve had that trouble with WordPress plugins before, where it seems the plugin was developed on Windows and the function was called

    function DoThis() {, so calling dothis() stops working on Linux where it was fine on Windows.

    Could that be a possibility?



    Your point might be right, chrishajer. I tried to verify the same in the files related to this plugin. I did not find any functions or methods having name as you mentioned, but there are few global constants whose names are declared totally in capital letters. Will they create such issues? The error says, it is unable to find a function. But, that file and that function do exist. I don’t know why is it unable to read that function.

Viewing 2 replies - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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